Damn you Scientists ... make up your minds and quit suggesting great piece titles and concepts then changing your minds and taking away their basis in actuality. B@$^@#&s.

Wow. That was a crappy sentence. With luck, my writing will improve as this post progresses.

I just found out from the greatest source of news there is, the Colbert Report (hey .. it's no more biased and inaccurate than a lot of media these days. hahahahah), that Pluto is now officially STILL a planet.

I'm really annoyed about this. I was going to write "Pluto: Requiem for a Lost Planet" when it got stripped of planet status (although I should really be writing a piece about Charon, Pluto's moon, to go with my other Moon pieces). Now .. well, there's no point. Sorry half-formed ideas ... your existence as a potential piece is ended and off you drift to neurons that are in queue to go during my next drinking spree.

Although I could do "Pluto: Anti-Requiem for a New Class of Small Planet" instead. Sounds hard though.

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